What is a Certified Tax Coach?

what is a tax coach

A Certified Tax Coach is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Enrolled Agent (EA), or other tax professional that has completed advanced training in proactive tax planning. Certified Tax Coaches are well versed in high impact tax planning strategies that result in maximum tax savings for successful small business owners, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals.

All Certified Tax Coaches are trained by The American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches.

About The American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches

The independent and not-for-profit corporation that provides the special education required to become a Certified Tax Coach is the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches (AICTC). The AICTC upholds a strict Code of Ethics to ensure the highest standards of integrity and excellence among its members. Only after a tax professional has completed this unique training course will they be designated a Certified Tax Coach.

About the Certified Tax Coach (CTC) Designation

The requirements to achieve the Certified Tax Coach designation include an intensive three-day proprietary training academy. Tax professionals that have secured the Certified Tax Coach designation are dedicated to maintaining excellence in tax planning and outstanding customer satisfaction. All members are also required to attend 24 additional hours of continuing professional education in proactive tax planning each year.

A Proactive Approach to Tax Planning

All Certified Tax Coaches employ a systematic approach to tax planning. When you come to us for help lowering your tax burden, we’ll learn all we can about your financial and business situation and create a Proactive Tax Strategy designed to significantly reduce your taxes owed.

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